Moeller – Automation and Power Distribution

The Moeller Group, which is based in Bonn, Germany, is one of the leading, globally active suppliers of systems and components concerned with power distribution and automation in industrial, infrastructure and residential building applications.
The Moeller Group has a strong international alignment. Founded in 1899, the company has an sales network in all relevant target markets, being represented in over 90 countries of the world by 31 sales subsidiaries and over 350 sales offices and distribution partners. Thanks to its international production structure made up of 15 production facilities, it is able to utilize the advantages of the regional locations involved and capitalise on the opportunities offered by global growth markets.
The Moeller Group currently has around 9,550 employees, and in the 2007/2008 financial year generated consolidated sales of around €1048 million.
Since April 2008 Moeller has been part of the Eaton Corporation in the U.S., a diversified global industrial group with 75,000 employees and an annual turnover of about US-$15.4 billion in 2008.


One hundred years and longer – Innovations that contribute to the customers' success



Since its foundation in 1899, the Moeller Group has always been concerned with creative ways of handling energy and giving it direction, form and purpose to thus make it available where it is needed. Nowadays Moellers’ worldwide customers world implement economical solutions involving high-quality Moeller products in applications as varied as the installation of electrical systems for industrial or building management purposes and the automation of production processes and machines.



Thinking globally and acting locally –
 Moeller's commitment to partnership


Electrical energy knows no limits, and the customers are equally global. Wherever they go in all the major markets of the world, Moellerisnever far away. It makes internationally accredited quality products at its 15 worldwide factories, and thanks to its network of 31 national sales subsidiaries and over 350 sales offices and distribution partners the company is also able to maintain a global presence.
Moeller is ready to take on new challenges and tread new paths.Its worldwide involvement is part ofits strategy and itacts as an engine of progress in both traditional European markets and the growth markets of Eastern Europe and Asia. Thanks to committed personnel and itshighly-capable system and sales partners, the Moeller Group stands for competency in your vicinity.



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