The benefit of a specialist

Created in 1922, SOCOMEC is an industrial group with a workforce of 2,200 people.
Its vocation: the control and protection of your low voltage electrical networks. Itsindependence allows itself to have long-term vision and complete control of any decisions affecting company’s development.



A worldwide presence

With a strong international presence, including bases in more than 70 countries, 18 of which are subsidiaries, the SOCOMEC group is a major player in the global low voltage power distribution market.


Two specialist industrial Divisions

Focusing on target customers and applications, the organisation is split into two separate manufacturing Divisions: SOCOMEC SCP, experts in protection and switching solutions and SOCOMEC UPS, the secure power supply specialists.


A flexible manufacturing structure

Built on two European centres of excellence (France and Italy), the Group benefits from competitive production sites (Tunisia) and those located in the major emerging markets (India and China). A new European distribution centre, located in France, is indicative of company’sdetermination to control its logistics chain so as to enable responding to reduced lead-times.


Direct contact

SOCOMEC’s  specialists work directly with customers. Their attentiveness and advice actively contribute to an optimised definition of requirements and to ensure that all engagements undertaken are fulfilled. Their technical knowledge, and ability to adapt and to get involved give the SOCOMEC Group its distinctive approach and are the power behind its efficiency.


Continuing innovation

By reinvesting more than 10 % of its sales in R&D, SOCOMEC is providing the means behind its ambition: to be always at the cutting-edge of technology. This drive to be innovative has nothing to do with luck. It impacts on the company's continuing profitability and its ability to stand apart from other market players, as well as meeting our customers' expectations and constraints.


Human values

SOCOMEC is a company open to all cultures and fosters a respectful approach to individuals. It also encourages initiative and commitment from personnel by favouring "contract based" working relationships.


Durable and stable development

As part of its determination to have lasting and stable development the SOCOMEC Group subscribes to the "Global Compact", the UN international agreement that covers the social and environmental impacts of globalisation.
As firm believers in corporate social responsibility
SOCOMEC are determined to maintain jobs in their historic European production sites.
As job-creators in emerging countries
they are actively contributing to their social and economic development in full respect of human and labour rights and the environment.


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