Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. (HHI) is a South Korean corporation specialized in the fields of shipbuilding, heavy engineering, industrial electronics and electric systems. The company is a world leader in shipbuilding, marine machinery and Asian leader in the field of electricity, developping in the following areas:
- Transformers and switchgear for high and ultra voltage;
- Oil and dry transformers, vacuum circuit breakers and contactors for medium voltage;
- Asynchronous and synchronous motors and generators MV and LV, diesel generators;
- Apparatus for protection LV: modular systems, circuit breakers, motor protection and thermal relays;
- Control apparatus HH: contactors, industrial relays, frequency controls for AC motors;
- Renewable electricity: solar modules, solar inverters, wind generators;


The HHI ambitions are to repeat their success in Asia and America and other continents, relying on the extremely high technical level and reliability of its products.


In the field of electricity Hyundai offer to the Bulgarian market the following product groups: vacuum circuit breakers and contactors MV, miniature modular systems, molded case circuit breakers, air circuit breakers, contactors and thermal relays, motor protection and control relays, frequency invertors for AC motors. All devices are characterized by very high technical performance and reliability, original art technical solutions, modern design and perfection in execution.


On the Bulgarian market Hyundai Heavy Industries Company is represented by VALelectric.


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